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Here’s How The Military Wasted Your Money In 2013


Broken ships. Millions spent replacing a rifle that doesn’t need to be replaced. More tanks than it would take to beat Godzilla. Billions of dollars worth of wasted … stuff.

Any large organization can have trouble managing its accounts. But few organizations are as humongous as the U.S. military, so the money problems multiply.

With a $614 billion budget in 2013—expected to decline by $62 billion in 2014—there’s plenty of opportunity for waste. Six hundred billion dollars means bloat that floats a lot of needless projects. Some are badly managed, others the result of political pork-barrel spending.

There’s ample evidence that the Pentagon has little idea where billions of taxpayer dollars are going. The five-sided building is awash in corruption and claims that an audit is impossible.

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The NYC Taxi Driver Pinup Calendar Is Here!

Taxi Driver Calendar

If you’re searching for a pinup calendar that is more silly than sexy, look no further: the 2014 NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar is the perfect anti-pinup calendar.

Each month features one of New York’s cabbies in an array of hilarious poses, from taking a selfie to reading a trashy erotic novel.

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If You Drank Like James Bond You’d Be Shaken Too

James Bond

We all know James Bond had a hankering for martinis. But it looks like the international spy threw back far more Vespers, his martini of choice, than was good for him.

Dr. Indra Neil Guha, a liver specialist, and his colleagues at Nottingham University Hospital in England spent a year poring over Ian Fleming’s James Bond books and tabulating how many drinks the suave spy drank a day.

Their conclusion? Even just steadying his Walther PPK might have been difficult for Bond.

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Fact Checking Rumors Of Walt Disney’s Dark Side

Walt Disney

If you have watched a single trailer for Saving Mr. Banks, the story of how Walt Disney attempted to convince the stubborn author P. L. Travers to sell him the movie rights to her book Mary Poppins, then you will already have put together that this is not a “warts and all” take on the mythical mogul. “He wasn’t a warty guy,” Tom Hanks, who plays Disney in the film, told The Hollywood Reporter. “There was the labor issues that were in the forties and stuff like that. But by and large, no.” That will come as a surprise to anyone who has read mentions of Walt Disney’s alleged anti-Semitism, or his cryogenically frozen head, or any of the other rumors that swirl around the icon. So in order to get things straight, here is a factual analysis of all the many charges laid against Walt Disney in real life. Spoiler alert: He is not buried beneath Pirates of the Caribbean.

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A Gorgeous, Colorful Look At The Cellphone Signals We Never See

New York City Manhattan midtown

Invisible signals are all around us, and now we can finally see what we’ve been missing. Data visualization artist Nickolay Lamm created psychedelic images of the cellphone signals that live in the air, but are invisible to us.

At first glance, the visualizations look like tiny mountains illuminated with all the colors of a typical Times Square billboard. But thanks to Danilo Erricolo, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago and Fran Harackiewicz, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Southern Illinois University Carbondale who consulted on the project, there’s quite a bit of science behind the hilly terrain and color explosion.

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Study Says Opposites Officially Don’t Attract

Opposites Attract

According to a new study of eHarmony’s Compatability Matching System, your long-term relationships will fare better if you pair up with someone similar to you. Although “opposites” may experience strong attraction at first, their initially exciting differences eventually become a source of tension. Introverts should date introverts, dog people should date dog people, and Adam Levine should be alone forever, because he is the worst.

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The First Smartring Has An LED Screen, Tells Time, And Accepts Calls


Forget smartwatches—smartrings are the new thing now. An Indiegogo campaign for a product called the “Smarty Ring” has hit its funding goal. Smarty Ring is a 13mm-wide stainless steel ring with an LED screen, Bluetooth 4.0, and an accompanying smartphone app. The ring pairs with a smartphone and acts as a remote control and notification receiver.

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Man Walks All Day to Create Massive Snow Patterns

Simon Beck

English artist Simon Beck never ceases to amaze us with his large-scale murals of geometric patterns in snow. Each visually breathtaking piece, which Beck manually creates by walking through the snow and leaving behind his track prints, adds a surreal element to its natural landscape. Walking countless miles on end, the dedicated artist manages to produce startlingly symmetrical and elaborate designs on the soft, white bed of snow that covers acres upon acres of land.

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This 90 Year Old Lithuanian Filmmaker Has The Best Website

Jonas Mekas

Everyone agrees: there is so much crap on the Internet.

There’s smarm. There’s snark. There’s faux outrage. And faux outrage about faux outrage. And so on.

But there is also filmmaker Jonas Mekas.

Born on Christmas Eve, 1922 in a village in Lithuania, Mekas had a typically awful experience of World War II in Europe, before eventually making his way to New York City. He became part of the art and film scenes of the 1950s and 1960s, most notably in the Fluxus movement with people like Yoko Ono. He co-founded the Anthology Film Archives, and made many films.

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Tila Tequila’s Descent Into Nazism, Parallel Universes, And Reptilian Illuminati Warriors

Nazi Tila Tequila

Erstwhile American hero Tila Tequila posted a badly photoshopped picture to Facebook. In it, she holds a pistol in her right hand, with her left on her hip, as the apparent light of God pours out of the cloudy sky behind her. She’s wearing a red swastika armband and the unmistakable cap of the SS uniform. She’s standing in front of Auschwitz.

While no one was looking, two years after her apparent conversion to Judaism, Tila Tequila has reached perhaps what was the only possible conclusion to her trajectory: as an incoherent, Hitler-sympathizing, Illuminati-evangelizing, anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist.

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